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With Perliss Estate Vineyards and Wingspan Wines

Sponsored by Jerry and Polly Doliner


Perliss Estate Vineyards

For twenty five years the Perliss Family has owned 13 acres in the far northern reaches of the Napa Valley. A few more miles north and you reach the Sonoma County line on your way to Knights Valley. For many years this was Proprietor Herbert Perliss’s weekend retreat from the San Francisco Bay Area – a place to get away from the urban life for the quiet rural picturesque landscape located in this part of the valley. Herbert was eventually bitten by the wine bug and decided he would like to grow a small vineyard on the property. He interviewed a number of winemakers but ultimately settled on one of Napa’s brightest and most well respected winemakers – Aaron Pott.

This was an opportunity for Aaron to become involved in a wine project from the very beginning. He was instrumental in how the vineyard was planted; it’s layout, vine spacing as well as choosing the Cabernet Sauvignon clone which comprises 100% of the vines. The vineyard is laid out in two blocks – the tiny upper block which grows in rocky volcanic soils and the lower block which flows down the hill into a loamier soil settling into a tiny bowl.

Calistoga has a reputation for being the warmest part of the Napa Valley and often it is – but this property north of town is surrounded by hills and Mt. St Helena to the north; the property has its own micro-climate. Often they are cooler then the city of Calistoga – and in the afternoons a breeze is common which helps moderate the temperature.

Prior to being a vineyard this was bare grass land which was convenient when they decided to plant vines (a minimal amount of trees were removed). The vines were planted in 2008 – their first commercial release was from 2011.

This little 2.6 acre vineyard is producing an exceptional wine. The vineyard does not produce much – usually only several hundred cases are made each year. The quality of fruit is such that when it comes into the winery – the actual wine making is a fairly straight forward process.

The Perliss Family has lived on the property for over 25 years and is involved in all aspects of this venture.

Anthony Perliss, who will present the hard-to-get wines of Perliss Estate Vineyards. Anthony will also pour WINGSPAN Wine which is his sister, Tessa’s wine!


Wingspan Wines

The name WINGSPAN came to Tessa Perliss while working in The Ravens vineyard one summer afternoon and hearing the pronounced pumping of the bird’s wings, flying overhead. The essence of WINGSPAN comes from the idea of spreading our wings and taking flight.

These wines are made by winemaker Aaron Pott, and are meant to encapsulate the land they come from, captured in a bottle and to enjoy a moment in time. Aaron Pott entered our lives in 2007, when he came up to my family’s land in Calistoga and told us that our empty pasture would be prime territory for a vineyard. Under his guidance, their Cabernet Sauvignon vineyard, The Ravens, was planted in 2008. As a kid, spending weekends here from San Francisco, these 2.6 acres were an open parcel on a hillside. My dad and I would read stories in a crumbling tree house above the field. His dream to make wine from the land he had purchased in 1989, came to fruition and a forever bond was established with Aaron for taking a place so near and dear to our family, and making a beautiful and thoughtful wine.

Walking through the vineyard with Aaron, you’re always bound to take in some pearls of wisdom he’s amassed throughout his many impressive experiences. It was in doing these vineyard strolls, along with my dad and brother, that I fell in love with being among the vines. I knew I wanted to get more involved with our land and our 7,810 plants. Clearly I needed to make a rosé from this land I grew up on and Aaron obliged.

The Zinfandel venture was decided in a bottling truck one year – he had me at “100-year-old vineyard planted in sand.”

The land nurtures the fruit and + the wine captures the essence of its place

SATURN RETURN is a rosé of Cabernet Sauvignon + Petite Sirah from Napa Valley and Old Vine Zinfandel. On opposing ends of the Valley, The Ravens and Stags Leap Ranch are complimentary rocky and mountainous landscapes, creating rich and structured fruit. The Cabernet Sauvignon is sourced from The Ravens vineyard in Calistoga, a 2.6 acre hillside vineyard that was planted in 2008. Recalling the badlands of the Wild West, the vineyard is surrounded by the Mayacamas and Vaca ranges at the foothills of Mount St. Helena. The Petite Sirah is found at the base of the Stags Leap Palisades, displaying a similarly rough landscape, filled gravely, diverse soils.

MOONS OF NEPTUNE is an Old-Vine Zinfandel from a historic California vineyard, Del Barba Ranch. Descending upon this 100-year-old vineyard, you’re immersed in a sea of grapes, dwarfed by these unruly, head-trained vines. Planted in sand, this epic vineyard is own-rooted, organic, and dry-farmer. It has withstood the test of time, surviving phylloxera, Prohibition, and other plights upon California farmland over the last century. This is piece of California history in a bottle and I can’t wait to share it with you.


Plates Neighborhood Kitchen

For twenty four years, we have lived and traveled the world. From the first apple tarts in France, the Pecorino cheese in Tuscany, Weiss Wurst in Germany, Espada on the island of Madeira and much more. At Plates, we hope that you will enjoy some of our favorite international dishes combined with our regional southern flavors. Join us on a new culinary journey that is globally inspired and locally produced.

Steve Day began to cook family meals as a child and continued to develop a keen interest in food tastes and textures. When his family moved to London in 2006, he decided to formalize his training at Le Cordon Bleu in London. There he learned classic French culinary techniques and earned the highly coveted Diplome De Cuisine. During his tenure overseas, Steve travelled to over 30 countries where he experienced a variety of cultures, food and drink.

The culmination of these experiences provided the inspiration for Plates in Raleigh. Steve’s first experience working in a commercial kitchen was with Chef/Owner Michel Roux and Head Chef Nicolas Laridan at the Michelin two-star restaurant Le Gavroche in London. Within two weeks, Steve was hooked. After Le Cordon Bleu, he was offered a position in a new restaurant being opened by Chef Nicolas Laridan. Le Bouchon Breton opened in London and Steve worked there making classic French Brasserie food for the remaining time he lived in London. After transitioning back to Raleigh, Steve was a chef in the banquet department at the Umstead Hotel and Spa in Cary, NC before opening Plates. He is excited to combine his love of food and travel and bring globally inspired, locally produced food to the Glenwood South area of Raleigh.