Bloomsbury bistro

With Italics Winegrowers

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Italics Winegrowers

Italics Winegrowers is a luxury producer of Bordeaux varietals and blends from Napa Valley. Helmed by winemaker Steve Reynolds, Italics employs both estate and négociant winemaking to the same end: to highlight the best of what Napa Valley has to offer.

The brand began over a decade ago with the launch of Thirteen, a blend of wines created from vineyards in each of Napa’s 13 sub-appellations. Over the years as Napa continued to sub-divide, Thirteen became Fourteen, Fourteen became Fifteen and soon, Fifteen will become Sixteen with the release of their 2012 vintage.

While searching for a vineyard to represent Napa’s 16th AVA (Coombsville), they found our new estate home. Here, on 73 acres in the foothills of the Vaca Mountains southeast of Napa, they built a winery, complete with 16,000 sq. ft. of caves and stunning views from almost every perch. The estate they created what can only be described as wine bliss.

As winegrowers, the have taken the name Italics because we believe the best wines are a revelation of place. A place that can be as small as a vineyard block or as large as an entire AVA. If that place has something to say ? a nuance you can appreciate ? we go to great lengths to draw it out. To italicize it.

Italics managing partner, Martin Taylor along with winemaker Steve Reynolds join us this year at TWE.


Bloomsbury Bistro

Located in the heart of Raleigh at Five Points, Bloomsbury Bistro has served nationally renowned cuisine in a comfortable neighborhood setting for well over a decade. Critics and food writers agree that the Bistro has a firm grasp on the entire dining experience. With a seasonal menu that changes every six weeks, chef John Toler stretches the bounds of traditional French cooking by incorporating vibrant ethnic flavors into the Bistro’s globally inspired menus.

Chef John Toler, a West Virginia native, completed his formal training in classical French cuisine as first in his class at L’Academie de Cuisine in Bethesda, Maryland. Before settling in North Carolina, he worked with several well-known chefs in the Washington DC area. John’s relocation to Raleigh coincided with Rick Robinson’s decision to open Mondo Bistro in Chapel Hill where John served as sous chef from the restaurant’s inception until early 1995 when he left to open Bloomsbury Bistro. Chef John Toler’s entrees are French in style, but they meander into Southern, Asian, and other cuisines that liven up the recipes and produce multitudes of quotation marks on the menu descriptions, because nothing is done quite in a traditional manner. Both John and the Bistro have become recognized locally and nationally for his innovative menus and the Bistro’s sophisticated, yet comfortable dining atmosphere. Publications such as USA Today, Bon Appétit and Southern Living have cast a flattering spotlight on Chef Toler’s cooking style.