With Domaine Chante Cigale and Chateau Fourcas Hostan

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Domaine Chante Cigale

The history started in 1874 when Hyppolite Jourdan choose to name the 28 hectares family property, Clos Chante Cigale.  In 1936, CNP was declared the 1st AOC in France and all the producers then started to structure themselves to face up to the new challenges. At that time, Paul Jourdan was at the head of the family estate and he decided to rename it “Domaine Chante Cigale”.

The Domaine Chante Cigale is today one of the most important family estates of Chateauneuf du Pape.  Alexandre Favier is now carefully running the winery by keeping up with the winemaker’s tradition of the family.

The Estate now stretch over more than 40 hectares on the Chateauneuf du Pape appellation, divided into 45 parcels, scattered all over this exceptional terroir. The diversity of its soils and of the grape varieties allows the elaboration of unique and exceptional wines. Alexandre Favier and his team are taking good care of every step of the wines production themselves, respecting this way the spirit of the Domaine.


Chateau Fourcas Hostan

A beautiful Charter house nestled in the heart of a magnificent 3-hectare park, in the shadow of the bell tower of the old Roman church, Château Fourcas Hosten is situated in the centre of Listrac, a peaceful village in the eponymous appelation.

In 1810, Mr Hosten, who inherited the vineyards from his father, a lawyer in Bordeaux, ceded the vineyards to the Saint Affrique family who created Château Fourcas Hosten and brought it international renown. Renaud and Laurent Mommeja have been the new owners since September 2006. Recognised as one of the bourgeois Great Growths on the Médoc peninsula, Château Fourcas Hosten produces a wine whose balanced blending has always been hailed a success.

Dedicated to the dynamics of progress, the Mommeja family and their team have undertaken concrete steps targeting the improvement of the existing structure, the buildings and the 47 hectares of vineyards.

Since 2008 the following massive projects have been undertaken within the property: the renovation of 3 cellars: the winery, the storage and  barrel rooms, the renovation of the Charter house, restoring the vines in certain plots.

Renaud and Laurent Mommeja, surrounded by their team, have devoted an enormous amount of energy, effort, involvement and financial means out of pure passion for this land which produces wines that the team endeavours to make exceptional each year.

As members of the Union des Grands Crus de Bordeaux, Renaud and Laurent Mommeja share their passion for wine on a daily basis with all those they meet in France and in the world.



Chef Restaurateur Serge Falcoz-Vigne brings an authentic French fine dining experience to Saint Jacques. As a young man, he was drawn to the culinary capital of the world, and so he moved to Paris in order to pursue his dream of becoming a chef. After several years of cooking and sous-chef experience, he achieved his dream of running his own restaurant Au Passé Retrouvé. After thirteen successful years, he then relocated with his family to the United States in 2007. His reputation quickly grew in his new home of North Carolina, where he became the executive chef at 411 West, 518 West and 18 Seaboard.

Chef Serge actively supports North Carolina farmers by using only the freshest locally-sourced ingredients in his recipes. He is excited to offer diners his interpretations of classic French cuisine, based on his many years of experience in Paris.

Chef Serge and his team bring a truly authentic French fine dining experience to Raleigh, NC. Opened in 2004, Saint Jacques French Cuisine aims to showcase France’s culinary heritage, with its love of exceptional food and fine wines.

Saint Jacques is consistently rated as one of the top restaurants in North Carolina and has regularly featured in the Top 100 restaurants in the nation on