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With DuMOL

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DuMOL was founded by three friends in 1996 as a hobby. Shortly after, in 1999, Andy Smith was recruited as winemaker. Today, some eighteen vintages later, DuMOL is a tight family that works to build the winery’s legacy vintage by vintage. Their passion is working in the vineyards and expressing their unique characteristics in elegant wines of balance and detail. They are vigilant in their pursuit, and are proud of the many long term loyal customers they have who enjoy our product and whom they get to meet each year here at the winery or at events throughout the country.

They have the great privilege of farming small select parcels across more than two dozen very special vineyard sites. Each year they strive to grow the finest wines possible from our collection of special vineyard sites.

It takes time, working with a vineyard, to discover its defining characteristics. Then, it takes even longer to use the right winemaking techniques and sensitivity to highlight those features in the wine. A lightness of touch in our winemaking allows us to achieve a more complex, multi-dimensional, “effortless” quality in our wines.

Over two decades, they have gained access to some truly legendary sites. And they have forged close personal relationships with their growers.

Around their eighth year of wine growing, they realized that to truly be a world-class wine producer DuMOL needed an estate property – an exceptional vineyard of their own that would bring gravitas and longevity to the winery. With extensive searching, in early 2004, they discovered a beautiful set of ridge top east-facing plateaus in the Green Valley area of the Russian River Valley – west of Highway 116 about 10 miles from the Pacific. What they loved about the land wasn’t only its ideal sun exposure and cooling from afternoon breezes and proximity to fog coming up from the south. It was the site’s incredibly diverse soils – three signature soil types: Classic Goldridge sandy clay loam on the top plateau; very sandy, shallow soils with sandstone bedrock very close to the surface in the middle section; and iron-rich Altamont soil in the lower section. This was a unique parcel of land that they needed to develop in a very meaningful way.

Their most recent estate wines are, perhaps, the finest wines they have ever crafted.

Erin Pooley will be representing DuMOL at TWE this year.


Angus Barn

The Angus Barn has been in service to the Triangle for nearly half a century. The rustic red barn has been praised highly through its many awards. It is consistently ranked by national trade publications as one of the 100 best restaurants in the country; Southern Living calls it a “one-of-a-kind scene.” In addition to helping the Frankie Lemmon Foundation through the annual Wine Maker Dinners, the Angus Barn also supports mental health through their non-profit organization, The Foundation for Hope.

“Iron Chef America” Walter Royal: Alabama-born Walter Royal, Executive Chef of the Angus Barn and Pavilion, knew at the formative age of 14 that he wanted to spend his life exemplifying the southern way of spreading irresistible food before guests.  Although his mind may be totally focused on pleasing guests, his imagination is always soaring thinking of new ideas. And soar it did when Walter was asked to be appear as a guest chef on Food Network’s “Iron Chef America. Back at the Barn, Walter shares his wisdom in his well-known forum “Walter’s Teaching Kitchen,” a monthly class during which the public has a chance to learn and to interact with this brilliantly imaginative chef. Although awards, distinctions and recognition carry weight and great importance, there is no value that can be placed on Walter’s contributions to the Angus Barn. Any chef who can run two main kitchens, the gourmet wine cellar kitchen, The Pavilion catering kitchen and a kitchen team of 150, and do it all in a way that would make his grandmother smile, is worth his weight in gold.