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Herons with Pax Mahle Wines and Agharta Wines and Windgap Wines and Mayacamas

Pax Mahle Wines

After Pax wine cellars were dissolved in 2008, the Pax brand was put on hold, leaving the Mahles to focus on their up and coming brand, Wind Gap Wines. But now, in 2014, Pax and Pam are ready to re-launch with the original all-star lineup of Syrah that hails from Alder Springs, Castelli-Knight Ranch and Griffin’s Lair. We know you will not want to miss out on Pax’s stellar wines which are a result of organic farming practices, vine-by-vine farming and a less is more approach to irrigation.



Wind Gap Wines

Wind Gap Wines is the newest project of Pamela and Pax Mahle. Wind Gap Wines was founded in 2006 and champions cool climate sourcing of Syrah, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and a few other varieties. Wind Gap Wines is dedicated to harvesting earlier using grapes from cool climate sites that produced fully ripened fruit at lower brix levels.  Grapes are sourced from vineyards throughout California, most of which are planted along or are directly influenced by one wind gap or another. These geological breaks in the coastal hills funnel wind inland and strongly influence the growing and ripening of wine grapes. The name, Wind Gap, celebrates this force of nature that shapes



Agharta Wines

http://www.toutsuite.com/sites/default/files/imagecache/homepage_post/217142_107048949380888_100002273503166_77887_7952820_n.jpgFounder, Pax Mahle, describes his journey that led him to Agharta Wines.  ”Before I knew it, I had a couple of (yet) unproven vineyards that had what I believed it would take to make some great Syrah, a business plan, a unique label concept based on Pangea and that underlying theme resonating through our focus. It wasn’t long before I found a ‘money guy’ and the rest is as they say ancient history. Eventually on this “journey” I was able to create a wine worthy of the name Pangea. I bottled a 2002 and a 2003, but kept the 2004 resting in barrel so that once It was bottled it would stand above anything and everything we had bottled…Forging forward and searching for a fresh way to identify this very special wine, I was digging into my music collection and it occurred to me what I would call it. “

Agharta was a recording by Miles Davis captured the same day he recorded Pangea, two of my favorite pieces of live modern jazz. While Pangea got the attention of the masses, it was known by the intelligentsia that Agharta was the superior piece. Years of being an underground sensation only heard by the lucky few, Miles named the underground recording Agharta, after the supposed underground society on Earth that only the enlightened few were invited into. Agharta is also commonly known as a mystical place on earth where the hills are made of gold and the rivers run with wine…sounds like a great place to me.




http://www.mayacamas.com/assets/images/pods/logo-home.pnghttp://www.klwines.com/images/skus/1060701x.jpgMayacamas’s storied past begins with a German Immigrant, John Henry Fisher, who built the property in 1889 and established Zinfandel vines. In the wake of the San Francisco earthquake and fire in 1906, Fisher was forced to sell. The vineyard fell into disuse during the Prohibition until new owners, Pietro and Maria Marenco produced bootleg wine and grappa in the remote cellar. By 1941 the vineyard was owned by a British Gentleman, Jack Taylor and his wife, Mary.  The Taylors planted Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon before the ownership was transferred the Robert and Elinor Travers in 1968.

The partners have engaged Andy Erickson and Annie Favia to care for the winemaking and viticulture at the Mayacamas Estate. Erickson and Favia tend and use grapes that are grown high, 1,800 to 2,400 feet elevation, on the slope of Mount Veeder in Napa Valley within soil of ash, tufa, sedimentary soils and lava. Due to the many steep slopes, the vineyard uses terraces. Mount Veeder is located within the Mayacamas Mountains which divide Napa and Sonoma Valleys.

Jimmy Hayes, estate director at the historic Mayacamas Vineyards, manages the day-to-day business operations, including HR, winery operations and hospitality, while representing Mayacamas at trade and consumer events.




The Umstead Hotel & Spa is one of the Triangle’s gems  and Herons is the signature restaurant of The Umstead Hotel and Spa. Nestled in the agriculturally rich area of North Carolina, Herons modern American cuisine pays tribute to the finest North Carolina and Southern farmers and artisans, as well as to Herons own herb garden. To complement the à la carte menu and seasonal Tasting Menu is an extensive 2500-bottle wine cellar, designed with both the young enthusiast and the wine connoisseur in mind.

steven2016Executive chef Steven Devereaux Greene blends his sophisticated style and passion for local foods with his dream of operating an Asian-inspired restaurant. Drawn to the kitchen at age 16, Greene’s innate talent was noticed by French chef Pascal Hurtebize while they worked together at Marigold Market in Greenville, S.C. Hurtebize suggested the vibrant restaurant scene of Charleston, S.C., as an ideal environment for an aspiring chef, sparking Greene’s culinary adventures and career. 

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