Donate Wine

We are looking for rare and collectible wines that are not available at retail, wine verticals, large format bottles, and unique food and wine experiences and trips.

To learn more about donations and how you can contribute to our Live and Silent Auction for the 2020 Wine Auction contact .

Donate Wine and Experiences


First Download and Save the Donation PDF Document

  1. Before you fill in the form you must download the PDF document
  2. Click on the “Download Donation Form” above to download the file.   The form will open in a new tab.
  3. Click on the download icon (second icon on the top right) 
  4. Save file to the appropriate directory
  5. Rename the file before saving by adding your name or organization name to the end of the existing file name
  6. Save the file

Open the Saved File

  1. Locate the file you just recently saved
  2. Open the file with Adobe Acrobat
  3. Fill in the form
    1. You must enter Name, Preferred Auction Name, Address, Phone and Email
    2. For Wine Items please use the Wine Section
    3. For Items other than Wine use the Non Wine Section on the second page.
    4. Make sure you type your name and the date
    5. Click the save button to save to your PC

Send to Frankie Lemmon

  • Click the Send Button
  • You will be asked to use your default email application
  • Follow the instructions to send
  • Make sure that the email is not sitting in the ‘Out Box’, if it is send from there.
  • OR
  • Print and Fax to Frankie Lemmon at 919-845-1191
  • OR
  • Send an email to attaching the form

Get inspired – See prior year donations